Lava Music BLUE LAVA Touch Sail White m/Bag

Colorful. Playful. Powerful.

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Lava Music
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Colorful. Playful. Powerful. Integrating the multi-touch display and HILAVA system with new material, BLUE LAVA is designed to be eco-friendly while offering you the potential to create something truly awesome with its built-in apps and sharing feature.

Multi-Touch Display

The 3.5-inch multi-touch display unleashes endless possibilities with powerful features.
Countless astonishing experiences are now just a tap away.


Intuitive built-in apps on the HILAVA system enrich the way you practice, play, and create.
They act instantly to your moves, letting you utilize them with lightweight interaction.

  • WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Constant Updates
  • Cross-device Sync
  • Empowering Apps

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