Black Sheep ThreeVerb

ThreeVerb is an excellent reverb pedal which will certainly expand the tonal depths on offer to you, generating a whole range of cool, spatial sounds that can fill an entire room.

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Black Sheep
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Artificial Reverb has been around for some 70 years. In 1947, Bill Putnam Sr. was the first to use the technique on a 1947 recording by The Harmonicats called "Peg o´ My Heart." The acoustic chamber he miked to create the reverb was his bathroom! In 1957 EMT introduced the first Plate reverb, a closet sized 250 Kg reverb that costed a fortune. Today, luckily for us all, studio quality reverb can be housed in a compact stompbox and at a price every musician can afford.
The Black Sheep ThreeVerb pedal is a digital Reverb pedal with three different voicings, Room, Spring and Shimmer. Room and Spring will cover most of your basic needs, Shimmer offers a more expreimental type of ambience. The pedal is incredibly easy to use and has three simple dial controls for Mix, Tone and Decay which you can adjust until you’re happy with what you hear.

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